ChiWis ERA ExCom Meeting Summary – Aug. 24, 2018

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Date of Meeting: August 24, 2018  via phone conference

Attendees: Joe Braun, Marty Linke, Rick LaPiana, Tom Trzeciak, Bob Evans, Jeff Huntsinger, Todd Somers, King Coombs, Eric Sagendorph, Diana Nawrocki, Ron Riesinger, Pat Pajor

ERA Staff: Stephanie Tierney

1. Opening Business: Rick LaPiana called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m. There was a quorum, and all approved the June, 2018 meeting summary. Pat Pajor offered 1st motion of approval and Diana Nawrocki seconded the motion.

2. VP / Fiscal and Legal Report – Kingsland Coombs
We had to wait on reports from Bill Warfield but they emailed after the meeting. Mr. Coombs reported that the organization is in good financial standing and the reports look good.

3. VP / Membership – Joe Braun
Mr. Braun mis still actively working on the LinkedIn Group invites and hoping to recruit new members that way.

4. VP / Education – Marty Linke
Mr. Linke continues to add books and recommendations to the chapter website.

5. National Delegate Report – Jeff Huntsinger
Mr. Huntsinger gave everyone an update on the National Conference. Conference is back in Austin Feb. 2018 and there are 9 sponsorship levels. There is a “Golden 50” logo available if anyone wants to add it to email signature. Joe Braun and King Coombs are both on the Keynote Speaker Committee.

6. Old Business

A. Baseball Game Update – September 21 at 3:00. Event was sold out. All tickets mailed out.

B. COLT Scholarship – Rick LaPiana and Zach DeVillers are going from our chapter. After the meeting, 8 different chapters have signed up with 10 attendees total.

7. New Business

A. Next Round Table Date – Oct. 26 and Jan. 18

1. October 26 is the next meeting date as agreed upon by the board. “Lie to me: The Science Behind Reading Hidden Emotions” is topic with speaker Dan Seidman, CEO and Founder of Got Influence. Announcement went out in September.

B. Future Round Table Topics – Cloud Computing, Tarifs, Cyber Security, Digital Marketing

C. National Conference Sponsorship – On a motion by Bob Evans a second by Todd Somers, the chapter agreed to sponsor at a silver level.

D. Website – switching to Word Press – Given then relative low cost and benefits of a modern site, less chance of crashing, better storage etc., it was agreed via email after the meeting to switch the website to Word Press for management.

The next meeting was set for October 26th after the networking program at the Rose Garden Café in Elk Grove Village, Il.

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at 9:30 a.m.

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